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  • Valentina Solci

3 Eats at Disneyland LA

Disneyland LA has it all: from the fantasy like atmosphere, to the non stop adventure, but, most importantly, all the yummy food options us kids have to snack on while spending the day there;)

Here are three of my favorite food items that I ate when Malak and I went over Spring Break'19:

1) Corn on the cob

Whenever I am at an outdoor event or festival, corn on the cob is always my go to. I seasoned this one with some melted butter, salt, pepper, and a spicy mix.

2) Denny's

Thankfully our all day pass permitted us to leave the premises and return back at our leisure. Because everything sold inside of Disneyland is super over priced, I recommend either (1) packing your own food or (2) going to one of the nearby restaurants that surround the theme park.

Denny's is one of my all-time favorites and was literally right outside of the main entrance. Malak ordered a cheeseburger with fresh fruit on the side and I ordered the 'lumberjack' special (french toast, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and pancakes). To finish our lunch, the waiter was sweet enough to treat us to Oreo milkshakes!

What followed was 30 mins of intense food coma.....

3) Hot cocoa

Last but not least, we finished the night with two big cups of hot cocoa. On our way out towards the exit, we came across a stand selling warm drinks and snacks. To our luck, hot cocoa was on the list and was not over priced!

Tip: Keep a good eye out for the stands, because sometimes you may find a good deal.

Love always and forever,



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