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  • Valentina Solci

3 Steps Towards Optimism

1) Build a futuristic mentality

Optimism is all about the future and having hope in what lies ahead. To build a futuristic mentality filled with hope, faith, and positivity, you must be able to find a balance between the past, present, and future. Reflect upon the past; acknowledge both moments of success (whatever that means to you) and moments of learning. Do not sit and dwell on what was, rather, move forward and believe in a brighter tomorrow. If anything, laugh about the past and how crazy life can be and realize that you are only human and every day is a new day to explore your potential.

When building a futuristic mentality, the present inevitability will tie in. Learn to prioritize your short-term goals and figure out a connection between these goals and your long-term vision. Remember that it is okay to not know for certain what you want to strive for in the long-term, however, you can hold a simple, general goal in the back of your mind. For example: "I aim to embrace life, spread goodness, and learn from others". This example is simple and general enough that it can be applied to any life scenario and will promote a positive mentality.

Lastly, to build a futuristic mentality, you must be excited about the mystery of the years ahead and you must have faith in the universe (and all the possibilities that exist within it).

2) Cry & smile

It is not always easy to live a balanced life. However, I do believe that with practice we can all reach a general range of balance. Wherever you are in life, embrace your feelings and emotions. Feelings and emotions are what make us living beings so special and, from experience, I have come to realize that sitting in my emotions and acknowledging my present-day feelings is much better in the long-run than trying to suppress them. When it comes to emotions that may feel more on the "negative" side, I suggest journaling and talking with people who will listen to you and may offer some helpful advice (this could be literally anyone that makes you feel comfortable). Remember that we need to feel all types of emotions in order to enjoy the ones that help us be optimistic. During bad times, try to smile (even if it's just for a few seconds)....I assure you that it'll help your mood.

When you are feeling happy and excited, enjoy the feeling and spread it to others (in small and large ways). I have found that smiling and laughing really helps with my optimism, and makes me feel more fulfilled/inspired.

3) Daydream & support others

The art of daydreaming varies from person to person. If it does not happen frequently for you, I suggest brainstorming, listening to music you enjoy, reading books/articles on a topic of your interest, and looking at other people's work as a source of inspiration. I have to admit that I am a natural daydreamer and can easily find inspiration from almost anything/anyone. The root of this kind of mindset stems from: having a strong imagination and admiring the achievements of others (which then leads me to creating my own vision).

I hope these 3 steps were helpful. In the comment section below, I'd love to hear more about your experience with optimism!

Love always and forever,



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