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  • Valentina Solci

4 Fall Drinks to Keep You Cozy and Festive

Cocktails and cozy drink recipes for fall

Hello everyone!

I hope you have all been hanging in there and enjoying the fall season to the best of your ability! Fall is such a unique period of transition as many people enjoy getting cozy, lighting a candle, eating spiced meals, and preparing for the winter season. During these quarantine days, I have been exploring different types of fall themed beverages and wanted to share with you 4 simple recipes.

1) Bubbly Cider Sage

  • Apple cider

  • Prosecco

  • Sage

2) Hot cider with cinnamon

  • Apple cider

  • Cinnamon stick

3) Cider Brandy

  • Apple cider

  • Brandy

4) Pumpkin spiced latte

  • Coffee

  • Pumpkin spice creamer


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