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  • Valentina Solci

A Guide to Self-Care

Simple essentials to have to promote self-care and wellbeing

Hey lovelies,

Wellness and self love have definitely been highly promoted these past few months as we have been navigating these strange times of COVID-19. However, we have also come to learn and realize that wellness should be practiced daily in both big and small ways.

The following are a few items to have in store that can assist you in your wellness journey:

  • Diffuser: There are several types of diffusers but the main two are: ultrasonic and evaporative diffusers. Nowadays, diffusers can be found almost anywhere at any price. I got my ultrasonic diffuser from Bed Bath and Beyond to add to my college dorm decor, and have been obsessed with it ever since. Ultrasonic diffusers run on electricity and only require water and essential oils to work. I highly recommend getting a diffuser because they brighten and freshen up any room.

  • Rose quartz face roller: Similar to diffusers, face rollers have been trending recently within the beauty and skincare industries. Thus, they can be found at various shops and vendors. My grandma gifted me with a rose quartz one for my birthday and I love to use it when I have at-home spa days. Other popular stones for face rollers are jade and amethyst.

  • Flowers (or some other plant life): I have always been a lover of flowers and healthy plant life. During my time at home these past few months, I have been investing in fresh flowers as they always make me smile and make my room so much more beautiful. I would also highly recommend faux flowers and plant life because they are much more sustainable and, of course, they last very long.

  • Himalayan salt lamp: I just recently added this lamp to my room decor and have been using it while I shower. The lamp emits a calming ambiance and gets me ready for bedtime. According to Healthline, himalayan salt lamps also serve as "natural ionizers", meaning they convert the electrical charge of the circulating air, helping to improve overall air quality.

  • Coconut oil lip balm: Over the years, coconut oil has proven to be both environmentally friendly and extremely useful in a wide variety of needs. Lip care is no exception. Moisturized lips are an absolute must, so I recommend using either raw coconut oil or lip balms. My lip balm, for example, infuses both dried flowers and coconut oil.

Love always and forever,



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