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  • Valentina Solci

A Not So Classic White Christmas

Back by the ocean and it feels so good!

Hope you all had a nice Christmas celebration with your loved ones! My mom, baby sis, and I have an annual tradition of celebrating Christmas on the beach. In a warm, sunny city like Miami, it's hard not to take advantage of this. While we were at the beach, we obvs took pics so read below for more details on this look.

I am an advocate of natural beauty, so for this look I wanted the simplicity of the ocean and the sunlight to shine through the images. We were in luck because there was nothing but blue skies, low tide, and a perfect sunset to get that warm, golden glow.

My vision for this shoot was a glam girl in her natural habitat by the sea. Therefore, I decided to stay barefoot, only wear mascara, keep my hair out, and add a diamond bracelet.

Location: Faena District, Miami Beach, FL


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