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  • Valentina Solci

Animal Print Everywhere!

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Cheetah, Zebra, Snake Skin & More

Over the course of the past 6 months, there has been a wild takeover which has swept the global fashion industry. Animal print has always been around, but there has definitely been a recent high demand for items with different animal print patterns and colors.

I've seen them on bags, jeans, jackets, boots, bikinis, sunglasses, and certain jewelry pieces, like bracelets and watches.

Simply from observation, I have noted that the cheetah/leopard and snake skin prints, specifically, have been manufactured and worn the most.

From fast fashion brands like Zara, Forever 21, and H&M to mid-luxury brands like Maje, Stuart Weitzman, and Are You Am I, the market has had to meet the demand of clients by supplying enough variety to match up with this ever-going trend.

Luxury brands are no exclusion to this. According to British Vogue's Autumn/Winter 2018 report, a variety of fashion houses have paved way into this animal print revolution. Some examples are as follows: Victoria Beckham's full length coat, Carolina Herrera's one shoulder maxi dress, Diane Von Furstenberg's flowy, cut-out dress, and Tom Ford's snake skin blazer and trouser set. To see the visuals on these items, check out the link at the bottom of this article.

One can assume that this trend won't be going away for a while. I predict that it will stay with us at least until the fashion week shows of Spring Summer 2020. The luxury fashion houses will be the first to wind off of this trend, leaving mid-luxury and fast fashion brands to decipher their manufacturing decisions according to customer demand.

I found it to be quite ironic that this animal print trend took over the industry because this past Halloween (2018) I decided to dress up as a cheetah! I had never dressed up as a cheetah before so I decided to go all out and paint my face with a cheetah print pattern. I accomplished this with my two favorite make up tools: pencil liner and liquid eyeliner. Perhaps, in a separate article, I can share how exactly I was able to apply the cheetah print look all over my face.

By Halloween time, the animal print pattern had already been showcased in fashion week but it had not yet reached the hands of the public. Therefore, I did not foresee that soon after, almost everyone would be wearing some sort of item with animal print fabric.

Thus, it was all by coincidence that this revolution occurred. I will say, however, that seeing animal print everywhere does take away from the prestige and uniqueness of these patterns. I am happy that all types of clients can find items with animal print, but I also find it slightly annoying because, at the moment, there is no exclusivity when it comes to the manufacturing of these prints.

Regardless, at least we have more options than before the rise of this trend! Some things on my wishlist are: Tropic of C's animal print bikini set and Sam Edelman's leopard print loafers.

Until next time! Love always and forever,


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Location: World Trade Center

Photographer: Tere Garcia


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