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  • Valentina Solci

Benefits of These 7 Essential Oils

Sage | Tea Tree | Grapefruit | Peppermint | Rosemary | Frankincense | Lemon

Essential oils have been a big part of my wellness journey during the past few years. At the root of it, the role of essential oils is to preserve the natural scent and aroma of plants. This is accomplished by extracting the plant's aromatic chemicals and mixing it with a carrier oil.

I use essential oils for aromatherapy as well as a topical on my skin. At the beginning of summer 2019, I bought myself my very first diffuser as I wanted to finally use these 7 essential oils that were gifted to me by Alo Yoga NY. Whenever I feel like it, I put my diffuser on to help me decrease stress and sleep better. During the daytime, however, I like to apply the sage essential oil lightly over my arms and collarbone so that it moisturizes my skin and provides me with a soothing scent.

Here are the benefits of Anjou's seven essential oils when used for aromatherapy:

Sage- stress reduction, natural antidepressant, reduces menstrual cramps

Tea Tree- air purifier, cold and flu relief

Grapefruit- aids in balancing moods, decreases blood pressure, relieves stress

Peppermint- cooling quality (high menthol content) which helps to decrease tension, can relieve nausea/congestion/coughing, natural stimulant that can help somebody focus during stressful times, can help elevate your mood

Rosemary- improves alertness, boosts mental activity, lowers stress levels, relieves fatigue, increases memory formation through encouraging higher concentration

Frankincense- clears the nasal passageway, diminishes anxiety, improves memory and concentration, encourages easy breathing

Lemon- helps to relieve cold and flu symptoms/depression/stress, clears nasal passageways, boosts energy levels

Anjou: 7 essential oils


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