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  • Valentina Solci

Black Owned Swim Brands to Love and Support

Summertime is here!

Hey everyone,

In this article, I will be sharing with you 6 black owned swim brands that you can look into and start supporting. There are many black owned swim brands out there, but these are a few for those of you who are looking to discover more. In alliance with the current Black Lives Matter movement, alongside general minority groups, it is fundamental to support business and organizations ran by minorities. Outside of this, however, it is always great to diversify where you purchase your products.

  1. Riot Swim: Monti Landers, founder and owner of Riot Swim, aims to create minimal yet alluring designs for her swim clients. Although I typically do not wear full pieces, my personal favorite is their Echo one piece in coconut.

  2. Sage Swim: This brand embraces the modern woman of all races, shapes and sizes. Founded by Kat, each piece is playful, eccentric, and made for the daring. I am currently loving their Amber//Cream bikini set that has a gold chain detail.

  3. DOS Swim: Founded in 2019 by Shay Johnson and Paula Hess, with purpose of proper fitting, celebrating all bodies, evoking confidence, and having fun with color. Johnson and Hess started the brand for themselves and their friends by selecting fabrics from the Garment District in New York City, from there the brand evolved into a diverse array of offerings. The ISA set in Aloha is my favorite piece.

  4. Mint Swim: In 2011, actress and entrepreneur, Draya Howard, founded Mint Swim. The products offered by this brand are made in the U.S.A and are designed for all types of female with the goal to evoke style and fashion forwardness. Their Sharae full piece is super cute!

  5. Fe Noel: Brooklyn based designer and founder, Felisha ("Fe") Noel, is a true trailblazer and innovator. Entering the industry at just 19 years old, she now owns and operate Fe Noel, which offers swim, accessories, and ready-to-wear pieces inspired by her Caribbean roots. Additionally, she operates the Fe Noel Foundation to help young girls passionate about entrepreneurship. WIthin their swim collection, my favorite piece is their Bare Nude T swimsuit.

  6. B Fyne: Designer, entrepreneur, and Nigerian-American, Buki Ade, founded B Fyne with the mission to create unique designs inspired by the latest trends of African culture. This Miami-based brand aims to inspire others to create and provoke the confidence of a queen. They offer so many unique cuts and prints that it's hard to choose a favorite, but my top choice is the Gypsy set.

I absolutely adore each of these brands and would love to here of more black owned brands from you all!

Love always and forever,


*To discover more black owned swim brands, click here.


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