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  • Valentina Solci

Cafes Around LA

Fairfax | West Hollywood | Downtown

Being a true coffee lover and spending lots of time doing work in cafes around NYC, I couldn't help but have my friend Malak take me to some of her favorite cafes around LA.

Here are a few that you should check out:

1) Urth Caffe

I didn't quite get the hype about this place initially, but, I am so glad Malak took me because once we were there I fell in love. Great prices, diverse menu, excellent service, convenient location, shall I go on?!

We walked from our Airbnb in Fairfax west to West Hollywood and had a late lunch at Urth Caffe on Melrose Ave (near Beverly Center). Due to high popularity, expect long lines for this cafe (but trust me, it'll be worth it). We sat outside to enjoy the sun and street views, and we ended up ordering: a latte, smoothie, avocado toast, grilled chicken pesto salad, and a decadent hazelnut chocolate mousse cake.

Everything was fresh, filling, and absolutely delicious. The vibe of the cafe is intriguing yet low key, a place to chill with friends but also do some work. I'll def be going back again....thanks Malak! :)

2) Bottega Louie

So, Malak brought me to to Urth while i introduced her to this fabulous spot called Bottega Louie. My relationship with this cafe/bakery/bar/restaurant goes way back to my high school days when I would travel to LA for modeling gigs, visiting friends, and checking out colleges that I was considering for undergrad. Over time, it has basically become my tradition to visit Bottega Louie at least once on every trip that I take to LA.

It's probably my favorite cafe because of it's awesome location, stunning decor, excellent food options, and chic city vibe. Located right in the middle of Downtown LA, Bottega Louie is a grand space consisting of four main sections: the cafe and bar, full service bakery, and dining area.

In the past, I only ordered items from the dining and bakery sections but this time around we had breakfast at the cafe. For all my picture loving people, def go to this cafe because they offer many colorful pastry items that look nice atop their marble tables.

3) Dominique Ansel

I first became a fan of the Dominique Ansel chain years ago when I started visiting NYC over the summertime for college programs I did while in high school. This French baker continues to awe me with his creative pastries that are truly unlike any other.

Thus, I was so happy to hear that he was opening up a location in The Grove. With so many cool options, we decided on one fig cronut (invented by Ansel, this is a croissant in the shape of a doughnut), a blackberry pavlova, and a cookie shot. They were all amazing, but for any first timers, I suggest trying the cookie shot or cronut as they are classic creations from Ansel.

Love always and forever,



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