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  • Valentina Solci

Custom Bday Cake: Design Details

My first custom number cake!

Hey hey!

Well, I made it to Club 20 jaja! Because this is such a special birthday and you only start a new decade every 10 years, I wanted to celebrate with a special cake. In this article, I will share all the details behind my custom baked 20th birthday cake. Hope you enjoy and can get some inspiration for your next cake!

For my past 19 birthdays, I never celebrated with a number cake so I knew that this year would be the perfect year to finally do so. Know that I am living back home in Miami, I had to isolate my search down to local bakeries. To be honest, there were not many options offering number cake services, but thankfully I discovered that Publix, my nearby grocery store, offered custom number cake services. As a child, my mom always used to order my birthday cakes from Publix, so it was nice to be back and place an order there.

The following is a written description of the cake you see above:

  • Batter- red velvet

  • Frosting interior- cream cheese

  • Frosting exterior- buttercream

  • Color base- light/mid pink

  • Color borders- white

  • Flowers- lilac, light blue, and white

  • Initials & date of birth- lilac

  • General theme- fairytale floral garden

Love always and forever,

Valentina Solci


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