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  • Valentina Solci

Details on my Top Selections from the MET Gala 2019 Pink Carpet

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Glitter Galore & Fairytale Themes

The MET Gala, first held in 1948, is the largest fashion fundraising event. It is hosted by the Costume Institute Gala at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and takes place every first Monday of May. Each year a theme is dedicated to the spectacle, and this year's exhibition theme was entitled, "Camp: Notes on Fashion" (British Vogue).

1) Kendall Jenner

Photograph provided by: PEOPLE

Kendall, by far, was my favorite look this year! The gown was created by Versace and is truly eye-catching. The inclusion of the feathers on the back and bottom half of the gown added a flare of brilliance, but it wasn't overdone in any way. The top and middle portions of the gown accentuated her figure and flowed very well with the mesh and crystal patterns that Versace chose to follow. I also feel like the jewelry pieces balanced out well with the rest of the look, especially the earring and necklace set. Finally, the hair and makeup looked was chic and elegant, but didn't deter any attention away from the rest of the outfit. I really liked the sleek dark hair and the emphasis on long, but natural looking lashes.

2) Emily Ratajkowski

Photograph provided by: SASSY DAILY

One-of-a-kind goddess. That's what comes to mind when I look at the headpiece of this outfit. The look was custom made by Peter Dundas and Evangelo Bousis, who hand-beaded the gown (ABC News). According to sources like Harper's BAZAAR and ABC News, the look was inspired by Cher's past signature gowns with its glimmer, cut-outs, and mesh fabric. The top half of this outfit was what stood out to me most. The headpiece, crystals under her jaw, and the front cut-outs made the piece all the more enchanting. I also appreciated the simple hair look, which was long and curly.

3) Zendaya

Photograph provided by: EXTRA TV

A true princess: Zendaya is the epitome of a modern-day, timeless Cinderella. This outfit was an updated version of the ever famous Cinderella story. The gown was custom designed by Tommy Hilfiger and has lit up portions, which illuminates the magical essence of this look. Zendaya wears a blonde wig, simple earrings, and a carriage shaped purse (created by Judith Leiber) as compliments to the gown. In order to further amp up the look, Zendaya and stylist Law Roach decided to include a fairy godmother to accompany Cinderella down the pink carpet. I could not find the name of the godmother, however, the look for this half of the piece includes a coat, black bootcut pants, and a fairy wand (which let out a smoke effect). This piece was iconic because it consisted of a diverse double duo and it was so nice to see Zendaya once again as a "Disney darling". Hopefully this look can inspire Disney to create another real-life Cinderella film but with Zendaya as the star?!

4) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Photograph provided by: YAHOO

Rosie always knows how to dress like a timeless, glamor girl. Here she blends in subtly with the pink carpet and light pink roses that form the background of this shot. I feel like this look was done well because of the sleek back, low bun and the slight exaggeration of the shoulders. To no surprise, the beaded gown and feathered shall was designed by the one and only Oscar de la Renta. Throughout the course of his career, this designer always seems to successfully bring his creations to life with the celebrities that wear his items. Rosie also is wearing Christian Louboutin shoes, though they are not made visible in this photograph. One of my favorite details of this look is the slight cut out, found in the front center of the dress.

5) Candice Swanepoel

Photograph provided by: E! NEWS

Princess Candice does it again! This year she wears Prabal Gurung's creation. The gown was hand embroidered by the designer with Swarovski crystals, and the back flare of the gown is made out of silk. Overall, the outfit consists of a light blue, diamond-like color scheme. The two main features of this look that I admire most are: the sleek back, long ponytail and the cut out, allowing for the reveal of her right leg. In this look, Candice truly reminds me of a real-life classic Barbie doll. I liked the flow of blue that was found in the smallest details: her eyes, the hoop earrings, and her nails.

6) Diane Von Furstenberg

Photograph provided by: E! NEWS

To top off this NYC extravaganza, my final choice is the iconic Diane Von Furstenberg. DVF's look was entitled "Lady Liberty" and was inspired by both the Statue of Liberty and, most importantly, her life and her mother's past. According to The Stranger, DVF revealed that her mother, Liliane Nahmias (a Holocaust survivor), was arrested 75 years ago and, 75 years later, DVF walks the MET's pink carpet as Lady Liberty, symbolizing freedom and victory. This look was created in collaboration with artist, Machine Dazzle. All in one, the look is: touching, emotional, inspiring, humorous, and perfect for this Manhattan based event.



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