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  • Valentina Solci

First 7 Days of my Milanese Life

Here's what went down the first week


I left Miami on Sunday afternoon and had a quick layover at JFK. From there, I headed straight to Milano via Alitalia and arrived by 10AM. From there, I met with other students that are in the program I'm attending and we took the express train to the center of Milan to check-in to our dorms.

After sunset, my friends and I went to Navigli, a historic neighborhood most known for its canals and aperitivo scene. We walked along Naviglio Grande and Naviglio Pavese, and got to see our first Milanese sunset.

While in Milano, we had our first aperitivo at a bar/restaurant that was recommended to us by one of the Milanese locals we met. I ordered a cocktail and ate from the mini buffet they had.


The first stop for today was heading over with our Italian CA (similar to an RA) to Bar Magenta. This is an old bar/restaurant located on Via Carducci that now has a hip feel to it and offers student discounts during the daytime. I ordered a risotto con speck and a cappuccino to drink afterwards.

After lunch, we had a four hour long orientation and explored the campuses in which we'll be studying at.

Afterwards, we went to aperitivo in the center of the city. We ate from the endless buffet and I ordered an aperol spritz. Later that night, we went to the Club Milano (which my Italian friend, Francesco, took us to).


Our Italian language intensive course started today and was a requirement for all levels of Italian speakers. After the class, my friends and I went to the Duomo, where we walked around the piazze and inside of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. This was the first round of trying to get the perfect Duomo picture (didn't work out because of distracting figures in the background).


After our Italian language class, we went to Cafe Carducci, where we ordered paninis and cappuccinos (the two best deals on their menu). After that we had a chill afternoon and enjoyed sunset our in our neighborhood.


Emma, Bri, and I went to Brera, a district in Milano with boutique/specialty shops, to have a small lunch and try to do some shopping. I didn't end up finding anything in the area that I needed but we did discover this cute cafe called Cafe Rue Rivoli. Emma ordered a pan cooked lasagna, while I had a cappuccino and croissant.

We had lunch at Cafe Carducci again and before heading to the suburbs of Milano to do purchase some necessary items.

Bri and I had one heck of an adventure going to this suburban mall. We took the metro to the end of the line and walked for almost an hour until we reached the mall. From there, we hit up Primark and Media World. The purpose of this little shopping spree was to bulk up on cute but affordable clothes and buy a European hair dryer/flat iron.


After class, Bri and I headed back over to the Duomo area for round 3 of trying to get the perfect Duomo pic. Finally, we got the shot and went to eat pizza afterwards.


I started the day by going to an outdoor market at San Agostino. They had fresh food, home goods, and clothes.

After Italian class, Emma and I went to the Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio. This romanesque basilica was consecrated in 379, completed by 1099, and built by St. Ambrose.

That evening, we went to Museo del Novecento. We learned about all the different Italian artists that were influential during the 1900s. It was such a great way to admire a particular sphere of the Italian artistic world and enjoy views of the Duomo at the end.


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