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  • Valentina Solci

How to Implement Gratitude Daily

With Thanksgiving having just happened a few days ago and the new year fast approaching, we have now entered a period of reflection in which we can smile back on all the experiences life has brought our ways and look forward to what lies ahead.

Using Thanksgiving as a reminder that we must be grateful for our blessings everyday, I wanted to share and brainstorm a few ways to practice intentional gratitude on a daily basis:

1) Morning Meditation

Before getting out of bed, try sitting cross legged with a straight spine. Close your eyes, soak in the quietness of the morning, and take in three deep breaths (counting for 10 seconds when you inhale and then another 10 seconds when you exhale). Try dedicating each breath to one thing you are thankful for. Not only does this routine help us practice gratitude, but it also helps clear and restore the mind before starting the day.

2) Text Yourself

Find a moment in your day to text yourself three things that you feel appreciative of. This is the quickest way to practice daily gratitude and is very simple to do.

3) Journal/Diary

For all writers and reflectors, journaling/having a personal diary can be one of the most fulfilling things to have in your life. If you are new to journaling, perhaps start by dedicating 10-15 minutes a day to writing without the interference of phones, technology, and other people interrupting your train of thought. Allow yourself to write down whatever you feel like. Of course, keep in mind that the diary entries should be focused on what you are thankful for, but any extra thoughts can be expressed as side notes.

4) Take Action

Although the three practices I previously listed are effective and introspective, there's no better way to practice daily gratitude then to share it with those in your life. This may be close friends and family, co-workers, or even strangers. Don't be afraid to compliment and express your gratitude to someone who influences your life and inspires you. Radiating that genuine positivity and admiration works wonders for both you and the other person.


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