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  • Valentina Solci

LA: Guide to Thrift Stores on Melrose Ave

With the continued rise of thrift and vintage stores, here are a few thrifts to check out when on Melrose Ave.

1) Wasteland

I liked this store because of the variety of options that were offered per section. I especially like the shoes and jewelry that were on display. Prices at Wasteland are on the higher end, but is ideal for those looking for a nice shopping experience.

2) Reloaded

Found on a corner, this large thrift store has an organized and aesthetically pleasing look to it's set up. Most of the clothes follow through with the typical 'west coast' look, and prices are moderate.

3) No name (found on Melrose Ave; in between N Fuller Ave and N Martel Ave)

I was staying at an airbnb just a block away from this location and I spontaneously came across it. This thrift may not be the cleanest (in comparison to the other two), but it is the best for getting a good deal and still having an easy shopping experience (as everything is neatly organized in designated sections).


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