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  • Valentina Solci

Low Heeled Sandals for Holiday Soirees and Springtime Fun

The heel trend from this past summer and it’s projection into 2021

Dating back to ancient times, sandals and heels have played a unique role in the lives of women and men. In Ancient Egypt, the use of sandals were worn by everyday people for special events, while in Ancient Greece, strapped sandals were worn outdoors typically by athletes, hunters, and travelers. The origins of heels date back to 15th century Persia, where they were worn by soldiers to assist in securing themselves into stirrups. The usage of heels then migrated to Europe where aristocrats and high class society men wore them to elevate their heights and appear more intimidating. The two forms of footwear publicly emerged in the 20th century when, for example, Marilyn Monroe was seen wearing heeled sandals in her iconic flying skirt moment featured in the 1955 film, The Seven Year Itch. In the 1961 film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Audrey Hepburn famously wore black kitten heels, reminding fashionista and model, Lauren Adler, 19, “of a modern twist to the 50s and I could totally see Audrey Hepburn wearing modern-day variations of low heeled sandals.”

Today, low heeled sandals consist of various styles from mules to lace ups to flip flops. Low heeled sandals typically range from one to three inches and are deemed as sandals due to the fact that they expose the toes. Whether you wear them at home during quarantine office hours, out to the park for a picnic, or if you're simply stocking up for springtime, low heeled sandals are sure to provide comfort, elegance, and longevity to your wardrobe.

During this Spring Summer 2021 Digital Fashion Week, low heeled sandals are inspiring both at-home and soon-to-be outdoor footwear. Versace, for example, displayed an abundant amount of low heeled sandals during their underwater themed collection. Burberry’s Resort 2021 collection featured simple black variations of the low heeled sandal. Supermodel Bella Hadid wore these heels on top of a pair of patent leather tights during the Fenty x Savage Spring 2021 runway show. As noted by fashionista and model, Catherine Laylin, 20, “there’s been quite an influx of short heeled sandals, especially emerging in high fashion but seeming to be more adored by baby influencers”. Indeed, influencers, such as Hannah Godwin, Bella Rychter, Sarah Jane, and Aimee Song have been strutting different forms of low heeled sandals.

Aside from these features, one can anticipate this trend projecting into the new year as quarantined folk around the world grow their itch to get out of the house, enjoy the warmth of the upcoming seasons, and take their low heeled sandals from home to the streets. For now, however, enjoy the sweet, classy touch these heels provide at home and during indoor holiday events.

Australian brand, Billini, and digital dominator, Revolve, offers a wide range of heeled sandals, bringing all the resort and event wear elegance to the everyday quarantined survivor! For an upscale touch, Versace is currently offering heeled mules for the fall in neutral tones with simple embellishments. Julz Iwerks, 22, a Fashion Design and Psychology major at The New School, says “all my sandals are heeled. I found my second pair of barely worn Proenza shoes for $35 at beacons (retail for around $700) and those became a favorite!” For a quick and affordable shop, fast fashion label, Zara, is currently offering heeled sandals with simple and embellished styles both in store and online.

Wear these heeled sandals during Zoom office parties, at home holiday festivities, or during a tropical getaway. If you are in the mood for a more close-toed approach but are still anticipating the spring, then I recommend adding these to your holiday wish list so you can stalk up now and wear them out in the new year. Like Iwerks says, “sandal heels are much more flattering than flats and just as comfy if you get the right pair!”


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