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  • Valentina Solci

Milano 2020: Why I Decided to Stay

Stay or leave?

Hey hey,

I wanted to write a brief article explaining my decision to spend most of my time in quarantine in Milano as opposed to going home.

Right before the Italian government officially declared a nation wide lockdown (this was sometime in February), all of the foreigners and most of the Italian students returned home in fear of closing borders. During this period, everybody was acting quickly and things were changing by the hour. Influenced by my friends (specifically, the foreign ones), I had to decide whether or not to stay or leave. This was not as simple of a decision as it seems because of a variety of factors.

I kept delaying my departure because something in my heart told me that it was not the right time for me to leave yet. For most of March, I always had the question of, "should I stay or should I go?", on the back of my mind because of some external pressures which were encouraging me to return home. Nevertheless, I still believed that it would be safer for me to stay put and remain with the Italians in the dormitory.

I am so glad that I followed my gut instinct and decided to stay. Not only did I end up having a good time, but I also was in one of the most safe environments (due to the fact that none of us left the dormitory and we were provided with food/meals throughout the day).

That's my quick explanation as to why I stayed!

Love always and forever,



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