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  • Valentina Solci

Our Experience at CATCH LA

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

Seafood, polas, and LA views

We ended our trip by going to CATCH LA. Malak went their before, but it was my first time and it was totally worth it. Here's our experience and what we ordered!

Make sure to book a reservation in advance because this restaurant gets booked basically everyday of the week. We had a 10pm reservation and yet we still had to wait for about 40 minutes.

CATCH has a lovely entrance with firefly lights and flowers everywhere. this then leads you to the bar and indoor dining area. We love sitting outside, so we purposefully waited just for an outdoor seat so we could enjoy the views even more.

Thankfully, they sat us in a perfect little corner where we could see the entire restaurant and the accompanying city views. CATCH was interesting because of the prestige/hype to get in and the general curiosity if a celeb would walk-in (which we did end up seeing one successful Youtuber). I personally wasn't too interested in that, but I found it kind of fascinating how a lot of attention was emphasized on celebs (because, coming from NY, people wouldn't necessarily react with the same interest).

There were so many good menu options, but we ended up ordering:

Truffle fries

Lobster bisque mashed potatoes (to die for!! So filling and perfect for any lobster lover)

Lettuce wraps

HIT Me (this was a must because of the decadent layers comprising of chocolate cake batter, ice cream, and chocolate shell. Most importantly, it's fun to crack it open by "hitting it")

Location: CATCH LA

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