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  • Valentina Solci

Shopping on Melrose: My Favorite Stores

Here are a few stores to check out when on Melrose Ave:


The Reformation store, by far, exceeded my expectations. The layout was clean, sophisticated, and filled with sunlight. The service and display of the merchandise kept the flow of the store very quaint and professional.

What stood out the most was the store's technologically driven service. Flat screen TV's are mounted throughout the walls and clients set up their personal accounts to explore the available merchandise. From there, the computer system puts you in line for the fitting room and the sales associates call out your name once available.

The fitting rooms were so spacious and well kept. Most importantly, however, the fitting rooms came with a mounted iPad which allowed for you to control the lighting, plug in your own music, and select more items to try on (if interested). No help from a real life employee was needed, and the flow of service was still so smooth and quick. Inside of the fitting room, there was a "closet" that connected to the store's stock room. Whenever I selected to try on an item, the iPad would notify me that the items have been placed inside of the closet.

Overall, the experience at Reformation is unlike most stores and is very futuristic. Definitely worth visiting!


Good ole Glossier! Over the years, this beauty brand continues to rise in popularity and their beautiful stores continue to attract eyes. I am not a big user of makeup or skincare products, however, I couldn't help but visit because I heard so many things about the brand.

To no surprise, the store was packed when we got there. I loved the all pink decor, natural light, and plant life that was incorporated with the products.

Linda Farrow

Right next door to Glossier is the Linda Farrow sunglass store. Just like all the other stores on Melrose, the decor was well thought out and had a focus on light pink and gold accents. The store front originally caught my eye because, at the time, Alessandra Ambrosio just released her collection with the brand and I just so happen to be a sunglass lover.

House of Intuition

Last but not least, we had to stop by the House of Intuition store as I am a yogi and have been following this brand for a while through their online sites. I ended up getting 4 stones, which I now have in my dorm with me for inspiration and good energy.

Location: Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA


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