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  • Valentina Solci

The One Bikini You Must-Have for Summer

The one bikini everyone needs for summer

Hey beauties,

I wanted to reveal one bikini type that I feel is a must for your bikini wardrobe. Of course, this article pertains to people who actually prefer to wear bikinis more often than full pieces, but I hope you can all give it a shot.

The Brazilian bikini is my all time favorite bikini type because it is cute and flirty, and great for tan lines. My skin naturally darkens very quickly so it is important that I wear a bikini that won't create awkward tan lines.

This nikini type comes in three general forms: high cut leg, thong, and micro (cheeky). I always opt for the micro set, which I am wearing in the pic above. My Brazilian friend, Lisa, actually gifted me this adorable set, which was made in Brazil.

Let me know if you own any Brazilian bikinis and what you think about this style. If you don't, what type of other bikinis do you normally prefer?

Love always and forever,



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