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  • Valentina Solci

Two Ways to Wear this Multi-Colored Sequins Ensemble

A versatile glimmer garment meets a "Legally Blonde" themed accessory set

I ran into this gorgeous multi-colored sequins mini dress a few weeks ago when I was on the hunt for a last minute New Year's dress. While shopping that day, I also came across this matching hot pink faux fur scarf and mini top handle bag.

My fellow stylists (a.k.a my mom and sis) fell in love and we ended up shooting the look at the Miami Design District.

Ngl, the dress was practically a micro-mini dress and my long legs didn't help with the super short length. I ended up just rolling up the bottom half and pairing it with my black biker shorts. Unexpectedly, this second look ended up being much more comfortable and fashion forward as I wore it with my white Maje sneakers.

From a classy night-out look to a more sporty chic feel.

Babes, so I finally got a new phone and I couldn't be more excited to take more memory pics and shoot better on-the-go content with my new baby. I decided to get the space gray color (to match with my macbook) and a hot pink lined case. This accessory set was giving me all the Legally Blonde and/or Barbie feels!

Love always and forever,



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