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  • Valentina Solci

24 Hours of Spring in West Palm Beach, FL

End of May in West Palm Beach

Hey lovelies,

This past weekend, my family and I drove up to West Palm Beach, FL for a quick 24 hour trip to visit my grandma and enjoy some sunshine. West Palm Beach is a cute and quaint town that is tropical, spacious, and aesthetically pleasing. Keep on reading to discover some spots I visited and any accompanying recommendations I may have.


This outdoor shopping center is located closer to the coastline and offers a vast variety of shops, experiences, and activities. These are some of the following features that are offered at Rosemary Square: live/outdoor music, diverse dining & shopping experiences, a movie theater, a swimmable fountain, and a mini park/lawn area intended for lounging. With all of these amenities, Rosemary Square is definitely a place to stop by and, if possible, spend a few hours relaxing, soaking up the sun, and winding down.

Aquatic fun at the park's fountain


The Italian girls in us couldn't help but come out! For lunch we ate at Il Bellagio, an Italian restaurant located right in front of the central zone of Rosemary Square. This was such a lovely and relaxing outdoor dining experience. We sat in the shaded zone and had views of the park and fountain. This was definitely a great spot to sit, eat, and people watch! We ordered two margherita pizzas, a parmesan chicken salad, and a beets + goat cheese spinach salad.

Island Margherita

Summer Fit

For more info on this look, click here.

We ended our day at Rosemary Square by doing some much needed shopping at H&M for business attire. This was my first official set of proper business clothes and I look forward to sharing with you all soon some very exciting news regarding work.

West Palm Beach is lovely location for a quick trip whether you are vacationing in Florida or are a Floridian!

Love always and forever,



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