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  • Valentina Solci

Family Staycation 2020

Our stay at The Confidante Miami Beach

Hey everyone,

I hope you all made the most of this super strange summer and got to spend time with your loved ones! My family and I are keeping it low key and staying safe in Miami. We did, however, spend two days at a nearby hotel called The Confidante. Here are some highlights from our stay...

Due to COVID-19, the hotel was filled with Floridian locals (like us) and, therefore, gave off a very locals only feel. Above are some pics of our balcony suite facing the ocean.

As soon as we checked in, we hit the beach and were met by clear blue waters. The Confidante has the cutest pastel color scheme for their beach chairs and umbrellas, so it was real nice to have my bikinis match the color scheme.

We stayed at the beach til sunset and then chilled by the pool area. Later that night, we decided to order in and have pizza and rose.

The next morning we ordered three "Miami Beach Breakfasts" and ate on the balcony.

You can't call it a vacay without some tropical drinks. Of course, I had to order a classic....Piña Colada!

H20 Girls

We spent most of the second day by the pool taking dips and enjoying the sun.

Miami Skyline

Garden Refresh

An original chandelier found in the lobby

Well, that's a wrap! I just wanted to write a small article sharing some cute pics we took during our staycation. I am wishing everyone love, safety, and wellness!

Love always and forever,


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