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  • Valentina Solci

Add this location to your NYC travel list!

Opened in spring 2019, Hudson Yards is a new development site located on the westside, in between Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen. This new neighborhood consists of an indoor shopping mall, a creative architectural centerpiece, and multiple residences.

It's crazy to think that Hudson Yards was just opened a few months ago and will continue to build more sites. Just recently, my friend and I finally went to go visit the site. Primarily, we went to go see The Vessel and watch the sunset. The outdoor patio space is perfect for taking photos, hanging out with friends, or even just reading a book.

Additionally, The Vessel itself is found right in front of the West Side Rail Yards. Being a resident of NYC and always riding the subway, I found this section to be pretty cool since people normally don't see the end of railroad lines.

PS- At the end of this page, I'll add a link to an article I found on the history and development of Hudson Yards. It is quite fascinating and a great read for NYC lovers.

Love always and forever,



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