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  • Valentina Solci

Finding Stillness...

"Inner stillness is the key to outer strength" -Jared Brock

Hello darlings,

We are all, whether implicitly or explicitly, on different journeys towards a more mindful lifestyle. One necessary attribute that supports mindfulness is the idea of stillness. In direct, physical terms, stillness refers to the lack of movement and chaos. Additionally, it also refers to silence and quietness. Both meanings relate to internal stillness as the mind calms and reflects upon thought streams while the soul finds peace and tranquility.

Outer stillness is just as important because mind, body, and soul are forever intertwined and influence each other. In many ways, by finding stillness with the outer body, one will inevitably reach internal stillness as well.

Stillness is a practice just as yoga, meditation, and mindfulness are. Do not be judgmental or impatient with yourself if you are aiming to be more "still" and mindful. It is a process that takes time and, thus, you will experience many highs and lows. Simply, acknowledge the waves, your reactions to different moments of the practice, and learn to be okay with any feelings of frustration or impatience.

To get started towards finding stillness, here are a few practices and activities to try out:

  • Daily 10 minute sunrise or sunset guided meditation

  • 15 minute deep stretch

  • 30 minute handstand, elbow stand or headstand practice

  • 10 minute journaling + 10 minute pure quietness

I hope you find this helpful and feel free to share with me how your stillness journey goes!

Love always and forever,



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