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  • Valentina Solci

Lavender Love at this Dainty West Village Spot

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

While We Were Young

Marble counters, fresh flowers, and plush pink seats make up the interior of this quaint and petite restaurant. Located on 10th Street, near 7th Avenue South, While We Were Young is a perfect spot to grab a sweet, refreshing drink, have brunch with friends, or treat yourself to a bowl of truffle fries! Though they are open both during the day and at night, I recommend going during the daytime because the natural sunlight brings in such a warm energy to the spring-like atmosphere that the restaurant holds.

For my photo loving people, this is a great spot to take some cute food/fashion pics because of the aesthetics that encompass the whole restaurant. Just a heads up: the space is very intimate so if you intend to go there to take some photos, I suggest opting for a smaller camera. For example, my friend, Rashad, and I originally intended to take photos on his professional camera, but we ended up resorted to using my iPhone.

For this trip to While We Were Young, I just ordered their classic drink (minus the alcohol), which of course was named after the restaurant! It was naturally sweetened by the vanilla bean and topped with a butterfly peaflower. I'll definitely be going back sometime soon for brunch because I am dying to try their burrata!

Let me know what you all think of this West Village destination in the comments section below. Until next time!

Love always and forever,


All photos taken by: Rashad Heagle

Location: While We Were Young


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