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  • Valentina Solci

My 19th Bday in NYC!!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Better late than never!

I was contemplating whether or not to still write this blog post due to the fact that my birthday was on July 7th and it is now already October! However, I figured I'd still share this because of all the cute bday activities and memories that may help to inspire your special celebrations in NYC.

So, without further or do, here's what your summer baby did for her 19th bday!

Because my bday fell on a Sunday, I had the whole weekend to celebrate! So, on Friday, my best friend (Shania) and I went to Coney Island and chilled along the beach.

That same night we went running around midtown and waited at Times Square for the clock to strike midnight....haha 24 more hours til 07/07!

One of my little fantasies has always been to have breakfast at Tiffany & Co.'s location on 5th Ave. When planning out my bday weekend, I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to finally go. My friends and I had never been so it was really special to be able to go with them.

I highly recommend going for the experience. For more info on this location, check out my latest post about it:

After Tiffany's we headed over to Central Park south because we were going to have a picnic. It ended up raining though, so we met up with my other friends at The Plaza Hotel's Food Court area. Magnolia Cupcakes & flowers for us!

I found the most amazing place to have my bday dinner with friends. Originally, I wanted to have my bday dinner on a rooftop, but, after doing deep research, I was unable to find any rooftop in NYC that wasn't 21+. So, i had to get creative and find something that could be just as good, if not better than a rooftop!

My search led me to Arlo SOHO's Greenhouse courtyard. This hotel is nestled in a zone of neighborhood transition: westside of SOHO, just above Tribeca. The courtyard is found on the first floor of the hotel and is an open space decorated according to the season. During the summer, Arlo puts up two greenhouses which people can reserve to host events (fits no more than 10 people). Just outside of the greenhouses, Arlo decorated the space with dainty white tea time chairs, fairy lights, and flowers.

This space was so dreamy and I loved having "Val's Greenhouse" for the night haha! Aside from the aesthetic of the space, we got to play our own music through the restaurant's speakers and the cuisine was very delicious. I ordered the fresh fish while my friends ordered pasta dishes, fish platters, and mac n' cheese.

So thankful that I got to celebrate my last day of being 18 with my friends in downtown Manhattan. So many memories in this city and this just is another one to add to the list!

July 7: I had a 6AM flight to Miami.

I was so happy that I got to spend my actual bday with two precious souls: my mama and sis. We spent the most of the day at the beach and took cute pics. At night, they took me to SWAN for an amazing dinner (check out this post for details: We ended the night with my all time favorite velvet with cream cheese frosting from Misha's Cupcakes!!

Cheers to 19 and all it'll bring!

Love always and forever,



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