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  • Valentina Solci

Reflecting on 2019 and Prepping for 2020 with my Tiffany & Co Agenda

New Year, New Agenda!

Hey angels!

Happy New Year's Eve and cheers to an amazing past decade! I hope you have been enjoying the last few days of 2019 and are getting excited for 2020.

This past decade I experienced a lot as I started the decade being 10 years old (in 5th grade) and am now ending it being 19 (a sophomore in undergrad). So, as you can see, I went through middle school, high school, and a little bit of college all in one's definitely been a rollercoaster but I couldn't be more grateful and look back on my teens with a huge smile!

19 valuable lessons I learned this past decade:

1) "Live, love, and laugh always" -Valentina Solci

2) Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear.

3) Life is what you make it. Surround yourself with people who value you and who you value in return.

4) Not everything you plan will happen, but that's okay because the important part is learning from everything you experience and proceeding forward with a positive mindset.

5) Live in the moment. Learn from the past and always remain hopeful on what the future holds.

6) The exciting thing about life is that it is full of mystery. It is human nature to want a crystal ball and plan out your future, but the reality is that the universe is the ultimate power in charge of guiding you in where your life goes. Embrace the mystery and trust in the universe!

7) Smile, laugh, cry! Feel all feelings and remember that you are only human.

8) Humility is everything. Be proud of your accomplishments and hold a confident disposition, but never ever grow an ego. It's all about balance and the best way to maintain this balance is to reflect on yourself and keep an open ear to those around you.

9) At the end of it all, money, work, popularity, success, and materialistic items don't mean anything. To me, the most fundamental things in life are: how good you are as a person (to yourself and to the outside world), genuine joy/laughter, and sweet memories with those you love. It is true when they say that "the best things in life are free". The beauty in this is that anybody can have it!

10) Say YES to new opportunities. You never know where life will take you and the more you broaden your spectrum, the more you will be lead to your true destiny.

11) Life is not a clear, paved road. Life is messy and confusing and shouldn't be set and stone. Keep this in mind in times of frustration, doubt, and confusion.

12) It's okay to make mistakes and embarrass yourself. Heck, these mistakes and silly moments of embarrassment will only make you stronger and will teach you many lessons.

13) Look back on these times with laughter and grow from the experience.

14) You are not a one-dimensional being. You are an ocean of talent flowing with so many valuable characteristics. It is your job to discover these characteristics and talents and utilize them in a way that makes you happy and spreads goodness.

15) The past serves as chapters of learning lessons. It is not your determining factor for your future self. Everyday is a new day and a new opportunity to move on/start fresh.

16) Self-love first, everything else after. You truly can't love others and be there for them to the fullest capacity if you don't love and respect yourself first. The practice of self-love is has its ups and downs, and definitely is something to work on daily. It should be everyone's priority because it ultimately affects your confidence level, mental peace, and outward relationships (even if you may not notice this at the forefront).

17) You are a work of art. A blank canvas at birth who only grows in depth, color, light and darkness as the years go by. You are not perfect, you are only growing. Admire your beauty and darkness, and all the shades in between.

18) Travel, travel, travel. Exposure is everything and the only way to get out there in this world is to literally get out of your physical comfort zone. Travel for fun, travel for work, travel alone, travel with friends, how ever you decide to do it, just travel! We are so blessed to live in a world where worldwide travel can be pretty easy, convenient and affordable. So take advantage and go see this beautiful world of our's.

19) Everything happens for a reason.

2020, I am sooo ready for you and I am happy to start the year with another agenda from Tiffany & Co. I got it at the 5th Avenue, Upper East Side location before I left New York a few weeks ago. It's such a chic agenda and offers a variety of features including: plenty of note space, language translations, maps, info about New York City, contact grid, etcetera. They offer the agenda in the classic baby blue and in black, but, of course, I always get the baby blue!

Enjoy your celebrations tonight and I will see you all in the new decade!

Love always and forever,


Location: Pura Vida, Miami Design District


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