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  • Valentina Solci

48 Hours in Palm Springs

Desert times with my bestie!

Hey hey,

Read below to see what Malak and I did for 48 hours in Palm Spring, CA......

Airport & Arrival

My day started super early (at 5AM) as I left NYC, had a layover in Chicago, and then met Malak at Palm Springs International Airport. Malak was lucky because she lives in LA and only had to take a bus ride over to Palm Springs.

This was our first time in Palm Springs and we were so excited to be there for a little bit, especially during springtime as we were informed that spring was the best time to visit.

It's worth mentioning that Palm Spring's airport is one of my personal favorites because of the open aired structure, floral finishes, and palm tree lined walkways. It had such a relaxed, natural vibe to it and the majority of people were so stress free (coming from NYC, this is definitely something to admire).

First Stop

Lunchtime! We desperately tried to find a cute place to go eat because we were so hungry from our travels. Our Uber driver recommended that we go to a nearby shopping center, and we thankfully found a restaurant called Palm Greens Cafe. I ordered the lavender lemonade and a cheeseburger, while Malak ordered the chicken caesar wrap.

Ombré Sunsets & Midnight Movies

After our late lunch, we watched the sunset behind the mountain range and then headed over to a nearby boutique cinema. Everything about Palm Springs felt dainty and quaint. The movie theater had such great customer service and was so clean/well kept, I am not used to this because the most theaters in Miami and NYC are usually so crowded and not very clean.

4AM Meal at Denny's

Don't ask me how we were still awake at this point, I guess we were purely running on adrenaline. After the movies, we went to Denny's in Downtown Palm Springs for a 4AM meal. We ate coffee, pancake platters, and eggs while we enjoyed the sunrise over the hill tops.

Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

After breakfast, we went straight to the famous aerial tramway and got to learn about the natural landscape of Palm Springs and Coachella Valley. I highly recommend this activity for those interested in learning more about Palm Springs, seeing a great view of the city, and possibly having lunch at the hilltop lodge.

Palm Springs Art Museum

Next, we stopped by Palm Springs Art Museum as they had complimentary access during the weekend we visited. This museum features local artists and offers great insight into the history of Palm Springs with a focus on the native inhabitants.

Moorten Botanical Garden

In order to pay respects and continue our admiration of Palm Springs natural landscape, we visited this local botanical garden where we got to see a gathering of all the regions most grown plant life and flora. This garden requires a one-time entrance fee but does not have a time limit. Additionally, they have a small gift shop and greenhouse where visitors can purchase takeaway items.

Stars of Palm Springs and Lunch in Downtown

Similar to LA, Palm Springs also has its own "Walk of Fame" located in the downtown area. For memory, I had to take a pic with Frank Sinatra's star as my mom and I are huge fans of his work.

Malak and I then had lunch at Grand Central Market, where we ordered a chicken burger, salad, and a ginger beer.

Back to the East Coast

Well, our weekend quickly came to an end and it was time for us to go back to our cities. This trip was definitely a short, but super fun adventure with my favorite travel bud! We can't wait to go back to Palm Springs and explore more of the area.

Before catching my flight to NYC, I had some time to relax at the airport's mini park and watch the sunset. Again, this airport is very much on the unique side as there were many people lounging at the park, playing with their dogs, and allowing their kids to play at the small playground. Great, way to end the trip jajaj!

Hope you enjoyed this mini guide. Until next time!

Love always and forever,



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