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  • Valentina Solci

Dorm Tour: Sophomore Year (Fall 2019)

Rose vines, brick walls & Greenwich Village views

This past fall semester, I had such a fun time staying at another dormitory offered by The New School. Tbh, this experience was much better than my freshman year experience and I couldn't wait to share it with you all!

This particular dormitory was located in such an ideal location: on 11th street right in between 5th Ave and University Place. The building was situated just a few blocks away from Washington Square Park and Union Square. Additionally, this dorm was a short walk away from my school's home campus, several libraries, grocery stores, restaurants, bars, and subway stations.

I enjoyed this dorming experience more than last year because the building was a mixture of New School, NYU, and Cardozo Law School students so it was a much more diverse crowd of people.

All rooms offered in the dorm are single rooms. Although I had a fun time with my roommate last year, I will admit that I was very happy to have my own room this time around! My suite in particular came with three bedrooms (so it was just two of my friends and I) and a shared bathroom, living room, dining room, and kitchen space.

Below, I'll share some of the details on my stay:

Beginning with my room, the dorm provided a desk area. Although I normally like to do work on my bed or couch, having a desk as a student is obviously always a must. This semester I worked three jobs on top of my full-time schooling so I definitely needed the space to organize my paperwork, books, and desk calendar.

The right corner of my desk holds all of my textbooks, portfolios, folders, and notebooks. I purchased two white dividers by MUJI and organized these items according to my class dates and subject areas.

Next up, I bought this gorgeous pink ceramic vase from Anthropologie. I absolutely adore it because of the white flower with gold accent marks, which adds an added flare to the piece. About two or three days a week, there is a farmer's market that happens at Union Square. Towards the end of the summer, I purchased a bouquet of French lavender from Lavender by the Bay (a Long Island based lavender farm). This bouquet gave such a nice, calming scent to my room and lasted me til the end of the fall semester! Totally worth it!

My close friend Shania gifted me with the pink, golden world globe that you see in the above images. She gave it to me for my birthday this past summer and I was soooo happy to get it because I've been wanting to order it for a while. I feel it matches so well with my white and pink color scheme and always leaves me inspired as I prepare for any upcoming travel trips!

Towards the left corner, I stored my pens, highlighters, tech accessories, and any other miscellaneous items in these clear containers. I also put the gemstones I bought with Malak when we went to House of Intuition on a pink, ceramic tray. These stones help to illicit clarity, creativity, strength, and love.

Finally, the most important part of my desk calendar!! I don't know what I would do without my desk calendar. I bought a simple one from Staples for $10 and it truly helps me to keep my life organized and make the most out of my days. Each month, I begin by writing down inspirational quotes and any set work meetings or events that have already been scheduled. At the bottom of the calendar, I write down any general "to-dos" for the moth and any extra fun stuff under the "notes" section. Under each day, I write down appointment times and I color code meetings, events, and assignment due dates. I have lots of fun with this calendar because it gives me enough space to cross things out and scribble on it.

On top of my desk area, I hung up this drawing of the Brooklyn Bridge and Downtown Manhattan. This little piece of art is so special to me because I bought it with my best friend Malak when we were only 17. After having completed an entire summer/pre-college program at NYU, we spent the last night together walking around the city and we stopped by the Brooklyn Bridge. At the exit of the Manhattan side of the bridge, vendors align their stands and sell touristy items to passerbyers. I bought this drawing for under $10 and, to me, it holds so much more worth due to all the memories it reminds me of.

Honestly people, I felt like i was living the luxe life in this dorm haha! I say that because each room came with a flat screen TV that connected to cable, Netflix, and Youtube. Of course, TV's are so commonplace nowadays, but they are very rare to have in dorms. I don't mind watching Netflix and stuff on my laptop, but I definitely do prefer to have a TV, so this was a cool feature to have.

My room decor was inspired by Sleeping Beauty. Shoutout to my friend Leona for having gifted me with these super cute floral vines from Urban Outfitters. I decided to hang up these vines along my window and the head of my bed. This was my favorite decor detail for my room because it added a simple color tone and is inspired by natural beauty.

Each bed at this dorm were queen size. This was yet another detail that was pretty cool because most dorms offer only twin beds. I have always had a twin bed because I always shared a room with my little sister and my roommate from freshman year. So, as you can imagine, I definitely enjoyed having lots of space jajaj!

To follow through with my room's color scheme, I used mostly white bedding and I brought with my comfy study pillow.

On top of my bed, I hung up my Urban Outfitters polaroid string with firefly lights. This is a classic piece of decor for me since I love taking polaroids and I always turn on the firefly lights (because I work best with dim, warm lighting).

On my bedside table, I put a few essentials: a mini trash can, a diffuser, my lavender sack, my 'babe' stand with a polaroid of my sis and I, a mini Eiffel Tour (that I got with my dad on my first trip to Paris), and a New School beverage coaster.

In one of the corners of my room, I created a "yoga section". This little basket held all of my yoga and stretching equipment. Specifically, I had my Alo Yoga Warrior mat (only used for yoga), my blue mat (only used for stretching), blue foam roller, and circular seating mat.

My dresser held was the perfect amount of space to hold my coats, dresses, tops, pants, etcetera. It also had enough space to store some of my handbags and jewelry pieces. On the top of it, I put my most used shoes and any storage items. Underneath my bed, there were extra drawers as well.

In regards to the common areas, we had a nice window overlooking 11th street, a full service kitchen (with a freezer, oven, microwave, electric stove, etcetera), another TV, a love seat, coffee table, dining table, and bathroom. I didn't provide a picture of the kitchen and living room space in this article, but here is a pic of the bathroom. It was the right amount of space for us three girls and I adored the modern look of it (with the dark wood and glass shower).

Building Amenities

The building had a daytime and nighttime doorman/security. The lobby area was nice and spacious, and was always decorated according to the season. In the lobby there was also a full service beverage machine open to all tenants. This machine served a variety of coffee drinks, hot chocolate, and tea. This semester I saved on coffee and hot chocolate expenses because I only used this machine!

On the ground floor, there were three individual study rooms and a large conference room overlooking 11th street. I liked this area because it was open 24/7 and offered printing services. This was very convenient for me to go to whenever I needed quite space outside of my suite.

This dorm also offered a gym overlooking 11th street. I am an advocate of fitness and I really do enjoy working out so I would go here whenever I had time in between classes or after work in the nighttime. It offered cardio and weight machines as well as an open floor space.

In the basement, there was a packaging area for any shipment coming in and a shared laundry room.


As you can see from this article, I had a good ole time living here this semester and I highly recommend it for any New School (or NYU & Cardozo) student. It was so fun living in Greenwich Village again as this is my favorite neighborhood (I have been living there for about 2 years now yayyyy).

Love always and forever,



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