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  • Valentina Solci

Halloween 2019

Coming from the Caribs, Mrs. Sparrow set sail along the NY harbor...

Originally, I planned on being Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place. I grew up on that show and I am now (crazy to say) living just a few blocks north from Waverly Place! So, I thought it was the perfect idea.

The only probs was that Alex didn't dress up as a typical wizard and I was also on a budget. I ended up brainstorming some other options and came across this amazing deal at Party City.

This dress was only $30 at Party City and was very low in stock at all of the NYC Party City's so I am very happy I snagged it! I never thought of being a pirate, but the more I thought about it, the more I realized how fun the costume would be. What made me even happier was that the dress is pretty normal looking, so, if done right, I could possibly even wear it outside of Halloween!!

I paired the white dress with my Stuart Weitzman Highland boots (first time wearing them this season...winter's coming!). I kept the jewelry, hir and makeup look very simple by adding gold hoops, my Maje 'V' necklace, blow dried hair, red bandana, black smokey eye, and red lip gloss.

My girl gang was giving me all of the badass feels. We had a little bit of everything tbh.....Chlo was a ninja and looked so good with her all black gear, cat eye, and cute hairdo! My detective Liv twinned with me as she also wore her over-the-knee boots and an NYPD body suit. Last, but definitely not least, my girl Shania took over the night as Marie Antoinette. We, coincidentally, bought practically the same dress! Like, no joke, there was only a small difference in the cut of the fabric.

Chlo and I are neighbors for the semester so Liv and Shania met up with us in Greenwich. Honestly, I just love my area so much and feel so grateful to call it home. There's so much to do just within a few blocks. We met at my place and then headed over to 6th Ave to check out the annual parade for a bit. After that, we hung around the streets until we made our way to this Mexican restaurant/bar/club on University Place called El Cantinero.

We ordered tropical drinks and I treated myself to a shrimp cocktail. I normally only eat them in tropical places but, after all, Mrs. Sparrow needed to fuel up!

Here are some more pics we took:

Cheers to the mems! Until next year....

Love always and forever,


Location: Greenwich Village, New York, NY


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