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  • Valentina Solci

Last Few Days in Milano

Countdown begins...let's make the most of it!

Cari amici,

This is a recap on some of the things I did right before leaving Milano. Hope you enjoy!

Day 3: Day Trip to Monza

My friends and I spent the day at this nearby town called Monza. Click here to check out my mini travel guide.

DAY 2: Milano Day Tour with Camilla

My Italian friend, Camilla, and I when we arrived at the Duomo.

Walking around Milano's Northeast and central zones. We stopped by: Giardini pubblici Indro Montanelli, Via Della Spiga, Montenapoleone, and Teatro alla Scala.

From there, we went to Castello Sforzesco, Ciacco Gelateria, and the Duomo. One important thing to know about Milano is that it is relatively small and almost everything can be accessed by foot. Thus, Camilla (my Italian guide for the day) and I were able to see so many sites just within a couple of hours! She even took me to get a delicious gelato, from one of her favorite gelaterias. I got a cone with: pistachio, lampone, and mojito lime.

DAY 1: Pranzo in Navigli, Cena, and Farewell Party

The day right before my flight was super busy, but I squeezed time out of my day just to go out of the house one last time! My friend and I went to Navigli to eat pizza (La Magolfa), drink a caffé, and order one last gelato (Gelateria Orso Bianco). Everything was so yummy and I, honestly, can't wait to return to Italia and explore more of the country's food scene.

Love always and forever,



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