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  • Valentina Solci

My Experience Flying First Class on KLM

My journey back home from Italia during COVID-19

Hey everyone!

About two months ago, I flew back home from Italia. This was one heck of a journey because, at the time, there were no direct flights from Milano to Miami. In general, there weren't many international flights at all due to COVID-19. My university assisted me in booking the flight and covered the flight fee. It just so happened to be that there were no Economy Class seats available, so we had no other choice but to book a seat in Business Class.

I always fly economy because I don't ever feel the need to purchase a Business/First Class seat. However, I will admit that this was definitely a fun and memorable flight experience! The flight itinerary was: Milano ---> Amsterdam ---> NYC ---> Miami.

The airports were empty but very clean and well maintained. I actually have to admit that I enjoyed a more empty airport and aircraft as I felt it was more sanitary and less chaotic! I flew Business Class for all my flights and got to sit in window seats (my favorite).

I never flew on KLM before but I highly enjoyed the service and overall experience they provided. The flight attendants were very professional and friendly, the Business Class seating was well kept and offered many goodies to enjoy throughout the flight, and all passengers were properly socially distanced.

My seat had plenty of space and was able to adjust all the way down to a flatbed. So, I got to sleep like normal and stretch my legs.....such a cool experience!! There was plenty of desk space and laptop space to work, read, or study. Additionally, the media, blanket/pillow, self-care, and snack options were more than enough to enjoy throughout a transcontinental flight.

I would definitely fly again on KLM in the future and I can't wait to finally visit The Netherlands one day since I didn't get to do so this year.

Love always and forever,



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