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  • Valentina Solci

Coastal Living in Camogli

Weekend trip to the northwestern coast of Italia


I took an early morning train from Milano Centrale to Genova. From there, I took another train over to Camogli, a small beachtown located along Italia's northwestern coast.

cold but cozy

After checking into our Airbnb, Danielle, Justine and I walked over to Camogli's boardwalk for some lunch. We found this lovely seafood restaurant called Golfo Paradiso. The restaurant was found a top Camogli's black sand beach and had an impeccable view of the sea and surrounding coastline.

We created our own mini buffet and ordered: a seafood antipasti, pesto lasagna, ravioli di mare, and carne con burro. Each platter was so fresh and unique in it's own way that I couldn't even choose a favorite!

After lunch, we walked over to Artemisia and found some locally produced artwork and jewelry pieces.

For sunset, we headed over to Camogli's lighthouse and enjoyed the sea views.

Considering that Camogli is a beachtown, we opted for fresh seafood and pasta for dinner. I ordered a classic spaghetti al mare, while Danielle and Justine ordered pesto pasta and a Portofino pasta.

During our walk back home from dinner, we bought a white wine produced within Liguria from a wine specialist.

wine time and girl talk


Our Airbnb was a second floor apartment with two bedrooms and two balconies. You better believe that we enjoyed ourselves a nice breakfast on the balcony with the view of Camogli!

"life is constantly a work of art"

We took the overground train from Camogli to Santa Margherita. For a few hours, we got to walk around and explore Santa Margherita's main city center and boardwalk.

From Santa Margherita to Portofino!

While in Portofino, we found an excellent lunch spots with a dining area located on a dock atop the water. The view of Portofino + all of the delicious fresh food we ordered made everything so magical. Danielle ordered a margherita pizza, Justine ordered a pesto pasta, and I ordered a Portofino pasta (Portofino's local dish which combines pomodoro and pesto sauce).

Tip: beware of overly high prices for bottled water throughout all of the restaurants in Portofino.

After lunch, we hiked up one of Portofino's hills to go see Chiesa di San Giorgio. From this hilltop, you can see all of Portofino and a western view of the Ligurian Sea.

This weekend trip to Camogli was so special because we got to experience a different side of this Italian beachtown. Camogli is most popular during the warmer months, thus, it was nice to experience a more local perspective due to the minimal amount of tourists that were around.

Till next time! Love always and forever,



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