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  • Valentina Solci

Sunday in Veneto

Another weekend, another region: Lago di Garda and Verona

Ciao darlings,

A few months ago, I was able to take a day trip to Italia's Veneto region with my friend Leonardo. We took a train over to the southeast end of Lago di Garda for the first half of our day, and then we spent the rest of the day in Verona. Here's some pics to sum up our trip...

Peschiera del Garda

We arrived at Garda by 8am and had a good four hours to explore before our train departed to Verona. Therefore, we decided to remain walking along the lake.

The Sunday morning hours were giving us all the chill local vibes as the streets were pretty quite and the sun was still slowly rising. This may not be the ideal touristy spot due to the lack of straightforward activities to do and sites to see, however, I really enjoyed it because it was very low key and relaxing.

For breakfast, we stopped by a restaurant called Porticciolo for some cappuccinos and croissants. Before our train left, I had to get some tea to warm up because it was pretty chilly out.

It was early afternoon by the time we arrived to the center of Verona. The lunch spot we went to was called Tosca Bistrot and was walking distance to River Adige. We both ordered gnocchi dishes- mine had saffron, mussels, and spinach, and his had carne without pomodoro.

Corso Porta Nuova & Duomo

Juliet's Balcony: Casa di Giulietta

This was a fun first time experience that I was obviously looking forward to doing prior to arriving in Verona. Taking into account the historical influence that Verona has with the story of Romeo and Juliet, it was a no brainer that visiting both the Casa di Romeo and the Casa di Giulietta were a must. In regards to the Casa di Giulietta, be prepared for a crowded touristy experience and a small entrance fee. The public is allowed to enter the ground floor outdoor patio area, it's only the balcony and the museum that comes with a small entrance fee.

Before going to Casa di Giulietta, try to plan out who is going to take your picture and what pose to focus on. I mention this because Leo ended up staying downstairs to take my picture while I was on the balcony, even though we wanted a memory picture together. Also, expect to have a line of people waiting to take a picture on the balcony so try to have your pose prepared and take your picture quickly! While I was waiting in line, there were some people in front of me taking forever and I thought it was quite rude since there was clearly a long line of people waiting!

Anyhow, I definitely recommend this experience and I'll end with a classic:

O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?

Arena di Verona

cotton candy sunsets in a city of love

Before heading back over to the train station, we had dinner at Signorvino. This candlelit winery was so cozy and romantic. Hahaha Leo and I are just friends but we couldn't help but notice the atmosphere of this restaurant! Funny enough, neither of us ended up ordering wine. Instead, I just ordered a pasta carbonara and he ordered a zuppa di zucca.

Until next time!

Love always and forever,



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