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  • Valentina Solci

Most Scenic Italian Meals

My favorite scenic meals from my time in Italia

Hey lovelies,

I am currently still quarantining back at home with my family.I can't help but think of all the yummy food I got to eat before lockdown happened in Italia. I wanted to write this article and share with you my personal favorite meals with the best views. Most of the meals were in Italia, as that was the country where I was studying abroad, and I want to remind you that these are my favorites for the limited amount of time I had in Europe before the COVID-19 lockdown hit us. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy and can get a chance to visit these spots in the future!

Rooftop Dinner at Duomo Milano

A group of friends and I went to Obicà for one of our last dinners before the lockdown. This was such a special and fun moment, even though we were all a little sad and scared about the whole COVID-19 situation, which, at the time, was just starting to hit Italia. This was my most memorable scenic meal because we ate right in front of the Duomo Milano. The view was superb, night was majestic and the food was to die for. My friends got more typical Italian meals, such as, pizzas and pastas. For whatever reason, I was craving something a little more healthy and fresh, so I chose the salmon with greens and quinoa.

Seaside Lunch in Camogli

My friends an I took a weekend trip to Camogli and had such a fun time exploring the town's food scene. The first official meal we had on the trip was at Ristorante Golfo Paradiso. We went to Camogli when it was still wintertime so this cozy indoor restaurant right in front of the sea was perfect for us. It was honestly so hard to decide what to order because everything sounded so good! We ended up making our own little buffet and ordered a mixed seafood appetizer, pasta con pesto, carne con burro, and ravioli with mixed seafood.

Camogli travel guide: click here

Rooftop Drinks in Firenze

After a full day of exploring this city, my friend, Cala, and I decided to stop by at View on Art Rooftop for sunset drinks. This was such a magical spot because we were right in front of the main piazza and Duomo. The sunset kissed the city with a gorgeous golden light. I ordered a mojito and Cala got a Cosmopolitan.

Firenze travel guide: click here

Portofino Lunch by the Sea

During the same weekend trip we took to Camogli, we also got to stop by the nearby town of Portofino. In the center of this town, there's an outdoor shopping center with a several dining options. Unfortunately, I did not keep track of the name of this restaurant, however, there were plenty of similar ones in the area. We were seated at a table floating over the water, truly creating a magical experience. I ordered the Portofino Pasta (a classic local dish comprising of pomodoro and pesto sauce), while my two friends ordered Pasta con Pesto and a Margherita Pizza.

Camogli and Portofino travel guide: click here

Italian Breakfast by the Lake

During our day trip to Lago di Garda, my friend, Leonardo, and I stopped by Porticciolo for breakfast. This was such a nice local restaurant with a cozy cabin feel and gorgeous view of the lake. I ordered a cappuccino and croissant con nutella, while Leo ordered an espresso and croissant.

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Coastal Coffee Sips in Camogli

Our Airbnb was so fabulous and had a balcony view of the sea and town. We drank our morning coffee outside to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful view. Relaxing, simple, and refreshing!

Camogli travel guide: click here

Tea Time at Marchesi Milano

I am a sucker for tea and dainty pastries so Marchesi was the perfect spot for me! My friends and I got seated at a lovely table by the window, which overlooked the center of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. This was such a magical moment and I am so happy I got to experience this with my friends before the lockdown happened. I ordered a jasmine green tea and decadent torta al cioccolato. My friends ordered their own pastries, a café, and a cocktail. Such a great experience and I highly recommend to go at least once!

Full experience: click here


Well, there you have it. My most scenic meals while in Italia pre-quarantine! I can't wait to return and experience more great dining spots.

Love always and forever,



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